Fast, Flexible, and Easy-to-Use, AVG CloudCare is the first cloud based security platform ‘Right Sized’ for Small Businesses.

Creating relationships with customers, partners and suppliers is the lifeblood of your business. AVG CloudCare lets you focus on growing those relationships with the confidence that your data and online communications are protected.

AVG CloudCare allows you to manage all your Anti-Virus, Identity Protection, Firewall and Content Filtering from a secure, online interface. Choose from a managed service where we monitor and maintain all of your PC settings and alerts or you can manage your PCs through an intuitive self-service web portal.

Benefits of Cloud-Based Security

  • No Activation Keys – All licensing is managed through the online portal.
  • Push Installation – Install Anti-Virus and Content Filtering directly from the online portal.
  • Alerts – Customizable alerts notify you when a PC needs attention. Whether from not running a scan in a set period of time or a security threat has been detected.
  • Reporting – Generate reports on the status of all your devices.
  • Customizable Security Profiles – Set security policies once and assign to all or groups of PCs.
  • Remote Management – Push updates, manually run scans, restart and shutdown PCs directly from the portal.
  • No Long-Term Commitments – Monthly pricing plans available. Only pay for what you are using.

Service Information:


Protect your network with the award-winning AVG Antivirus protection delivered and managed in the cloud so you can view all your PCs and devices in one easy-to-use dashboard. Detect, block and remove viruses before they harm your business.

  • World Class Anti-Virus – protects your computers from Viruses, Spyware, Worms and Trojans
  • AVG LinkScanner – Protects your users from web-based attacks while they surf the Internet. It also checks network traffic for possible threats.
  • AVG Identity Protection™ – Protects your digital assets against new and unknown threats. Identity Protection monitors the way programs behave and automatically blocks any activity that could lead to ID theft.
  • Email Protection – Scans incoming and outgoing emails for threats and filters spam.
  • Firewall – Controls all communication on network ports protecting from malicious attacks.
  • Anti-Rootkit – Scans for dangerous rootkits hidden inside applications, drivers or libraries.

   Content Filtering

Protect your users and improve your business productivity. The AVG Content Filtering Service helps keep employees safe when online and utilizes access management to ensure that their internet use doesn’t compromise your business. It gives you control on where and when your employees can browse the internet.
  • Block Content – Protect user from accessing malicious and inappropriate content online.
  • Policies – Implement Acceptable Usage Policies using access management controls.
  • Time Scheduling – Deny access to blocked content either 24 hours a day or during specific time periods.
  • Roaming Protection – Your laptops are protected in the office, in remote locations and while traveling.
  • Monitoring – Incident alerts are delivered in real-time for fast resolution.
  • History Reporting – See what sites your users are trying to get to in order to better manage the content filter.

   Online Backup

Keep your data secure and available with AVG’s Online Backup Service. Store copies of your data in secure datacenters to minimize the impact of when your data becomes lost or corrupted.
  • Secure Storage – Three-tier encryption secure data in-transit and while in storage.
  • Easy Scheduling – Time backups to suit your needs and choose what data to store.
  • Server Protection – Image and backup Servers using ShadowProtect for complete protection.
  • Affordable – Only pay for the storage you use.

   Email Security

Stop spam, secure your email and simplify management. Enjoy a secure and productive email service by blocking malicious, email-borne content and spam before it reaches your network. Eliminates the need for local email storage.
  • AntiSpam – Protect your business against spam, viruses, phishing and other email-borne threats. Unwanted email content is stopped in the cloud keeping it away from your network and reducing bandwidth usage.
  • Email Archive – Eliminate the need to maintain local email storage such as email store held on local deices (PSTs.) Improve productivity with intuitive search functionality and protect against email loss when employees leave the business.
  • Email Archive Lite – Convenient, short-term storage that archives all emails on a rolling 60-day basis.
  • Encrypted Email – Secure your email communications with rules that identify sensitive email content and encrypts emails that meet the defined criteria.
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