Social media is everywhere. Twitter, Facebook, and more. Millions of people utilize these sites and are ideal targets for marketing. However, some businesses may not have the time, expertise or staff to maintain a social media presence. If this describes your situation, why not consider Dyer Media Group to develop and execute a marketing campaign for you?

If you hire Dyer Media Group, you will be designated a dedicated contact who will become familiar with your products, services, and client base. Each month, we will continue to build relationships, link to important sections within your site, and develop brand awareness.

The Elements of Social Media Marketing

Every package we offer includes these four tested elements.

1 – Strategy
Before we begin any work on your campaign, we conduct research on your industry and ask the relevant questions we need to develop optimum engagement. Your answers to our questions will help us determine who to target online, how to research content for syndication, and help our team position you effectively.

2 – Matching Your Content to Web Demand
Our social media optimization team scours the web for the most popular and useful content related to your business and industry. We create a library of content by monitoring current buzz on social networks, tracking your keywords through programs like Google Alerts and Social Mention. We also follow industry experts and sources in your field.

3 – Engage Your Customer Online
Client interaction is vital for social media – one of the best ways of getting more customers is to drive traffic to your site and have someone who listens to and participates in conversations about your product or service.

4 – Stay Ahead of the Curve
Social media changes extremely swiftly. To ensure your campaign is optimized, you will receive a monthly performance report of metrics like clicks, retweets, network growth, and traffic sources. We continuously monitor your metrics, so we stay abreast of your campaign, and easily make any required changes.

The Right Package for Your Business

We offer several social media marketing packages, all of which incorporate time dedicated to social network building, content research, regular social updates, and monitoring of performance matrices. These components facilitate the primary function of a social media marketing program – communicate, connect, collaborate, and collect.

Packages by Level of Service
Industry and Keyword Research
Strategy Development
Profile Setup and Optimization
(Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, etc.)
2 3 4 6
Blog Setup with Branding Integration
Daily Updates and Interactions
3 per week/network 5 per week/network 1 per day/network 2 per day/network
Content (Text, Image and/or Video) Posting
Increase Network Popularity
30 minutes/week 45 minutes/week 60 minutes/week 120 minutes/week
Content Research and Development
30 minutes/week 45 minutes/week 60 minutes/week 90 minutes/week
Key Performance Metrics Reports
Google Analytics and Management Monitoring
- -
Monthly Client Conference
Video Development and Optimization
- -
Social Bookmarking
Cost Per Month $150 $250 $350 $450

Package Add-Ons

Graphic Design
If you would like custom branding and design work for your profiles, we offer custom graphic design services at $100 for the first profile, and $50 per subsequent profile. Our design rate for general tasks (e.g, coupons, promotions, brochures etc) is billed at $50/hr.

PayPerClick Network Development
We setup, optimize and manage your social media advertising account for 10% of your ad spend.

If you prefer to do your own social media marketing, we offer one-on-one or group training at $50/hr.

Custom Campaigns
There are various situations where a custom campaign is necessary. For example, special product promotions, contests or events. These plans are quoted based on the complexity and project requirements.

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